People Analytics: How Valuable Are Top Performers?

DATA & ANALYTICS has infiltrated almost every department within every company and industry. It’s become a part of our professional lives as well as our personal lives. One area that is still in its infant stages of applying analytics to it’s focus is HR & Recruiting. It’s not that there aren’t case studies out there. Google & Facebook are well-known for being some of the best at understanding people. Even with several studies in recent years, most companies are still striving to organize the troves of data they collect from interviews and hiring, let alone leveraging analytics to guide their future hiring strategy.

Understanding top performer value, production and costs is a hot topic right now within People Analytics. It is generally understood that top performers provide more value to a company than normal employees, but just how much do they actually provide? What impact is there to a business when one leaves?

This white paper provides a deeper look at employee performance theories, production loss and the all-in cost of losing an employee.

To download the full white paper, please visit my website:

To interact with a “Top Performer Model”, which allows you to understand the potential impact based on a variety of factors, like experience, training and production, use the Tableau dashboard below: