Tableau Conference 2016 – Tips & Tricks from Zen Masters and Top Tableau Gurus #Data16

From the extremely popular session “Zen Master: 50 Tips in 50 Minutes-Tableau Speed Tipping”, I was able to grab the best tips based on crowd cheers. In all, Andy Kriebel and Jeffrey Shaffer went through 86 (!!) tips in about 45 minutes, and actually had more in their workbooks that we did not have a chance to see. At the end is a bonus tip from Andy Cotgreave’s Visual Design Tricks session, Enjoy!

Top Tips

  1. Labels inside of bar charts – Duplicate the bar chart, change to gant, and change alignment to left side vs. right side
  2. Unicode Characters (non images) can be posted anywhere that allow text
    1. net
  3. X Axis label at the top (On Tableau’s toolbar –> analysis –> table layout (uncheck the box that says innermost…)
  4. Nested Sort of continuous values (duplicate that continuous value, make it negative, then turn it into a discrete field)
  5. Build a calendar
    1. Week Number (45-50) on the row
    2. Week Day on column
    3. Day Number on label
  6. Using floating text boxes that are formatted to fill color to have line breaks in dashboard
  7. Colored Tabs – right click a tab –> hover over color
  8. Horizontal axis labels (can’t be done in tableau)
    1. hard code whatever you want the label to be in the corresponding row/column, then hide original label
    2. E. write “Sales” in a calculated field, and drag the pill onto the row/column, then make the original label blank
  9. Size of dashboards (fixed vs. automatic) to change relative to screen size
    1. Size–>fixed size–> change to automatic
  10. Clear default formatting on worksheets by right clicking bolded format pane and selecting “clear”
  11. You can have primary and secondary colors on a worksheet
    1. Drag first color in
    2. Drag second to normal level of detail
    3. Click the icon to the left and change to color
    4. (creates intersection of the two fields)
  12. DNA / BarBell charts – Measure values dual axis, measure names as colors, one of the measure values is circles, other is line.
  13. Labels match mark color in the marks pane (click on label –> button for mark color)
  14. Two Color Area charts above/below zero – duplicate measure but do not dual axis – fix one measure’s axis to above zero, and one to below zero. Change colors in marks tab
  15. Populate parameter with field values by right clicking field and selecting “create parameter”


BONUS Tip from Andy Cotgreave’s Visual Design Tricks

  1. On tooltips, unselect the “include command icons” to remove end users ability to group/keep only/exclude on dashboards

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