Tableau Conference 2016 – 15 Top Tableau Features coming out of Devs On Stage & Opening Keynote #Data16

Based on crowd cheers (and enthusiastic they were), I compiled a list of the best new features (and fixes), Enjoy!

  1. [Devs on Stage] Automatic Alignment, Margins, Padding on Dashboards
    • By far the biggest cheers of the day bringing the Powerpoint style formatting tools to dashboards
  2. [Devs on Stage] PDF Connector
    • Cheers even before the explanation was given, but it was what the crowd expected. Tableau will now be able to parse PDF’s and grab the data tables out. No more copy/pasting to excel for hours!
  3. [Opening Keynote] Project Maestro
    • Bringing visual data prep to Tableau. Think of this as Alteryx lite, the ability to prepare your data quickly and see the changes instantlymaestro
  4. [Opening Keynote] Hyper
    • Extraordinary improvements in data engine / back-end performance. 22 million rows were added to Tableau in 30 seconds vs. normally 30 minutes
  5. [Opening Keynote] Tableau for Linux
    • Speaks for itself!
  6. [Opening Keynote] Certified Content
    • Big deal in the Data Governance world – certify data is accurate / correct
  7. [Devs on Stage] Cross Database Unions
    • While this could be done with custom SQL, not everyone has that knowledge. Now as easy as drag and drop to combine excel tabs / tablescross-database-union
  8. [Opening Keynote] Data Driven Alerts
    • Next year, Tableau will give users the ability to set alerts for themselves based on metrics, and get notified (email) when it happens!automatic-alignment
  9. [Devs on Stage] Filter Presets
    • Huge news for those companies that need automated reports with “last 7 days” or “last week”. You can now preset a filter to the latest range.filter-preset
  10. [Devs on Stage] Joining Tables on Calculated Fields
    • More customization coming to Tableau – instead of combining fields during your data prep to join (think First + Last Name), you can now just create a calculated field and join on that!
    • calculated-field-join
  11. [Devs on Stage] Python Direct Integration (Calculated Fields)
    • You will now be able to write python directly in a calculated field…and it will work!
  12. [Opening Keynote] Natural Language Search
    • This one got a lot of Oohs and Aahs, but there was a lot of skepticism on use cases and dangers. Coming to Tableau will be the ability to search dashboards using “natural” language (For Example: Food near Austin would zoom on a map to Austin, TX)natural-language
  13. [Opening Keynote] Automatic Vizzes within a Viz
    • Selecting values (or multiple values) in worksheets will now bring up “automatic” suggested visualizations that can be done on those valuesviz-within-viz
  14. [Opening Keynote] Layering maps data
    • Adding multiple datasources to maps (For Example: Starbucks location dataset, Apple Store location dataset)
  15. [Devs on Stage] Offline Capabilities in Mobile
    • Several new features are coming to Mobile, unfortunately I do not use this Tableau Tool so I used this time to catch up on notes!


Honorable Mentions: Tooltip Selections, Expressive Text Editing, REST API, Step & Jump Lines, Pre-built Dashboards for standard datasources

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