Black Friday 2016: Best Computers (Laptops/Desktops) Available [Tool]

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There were a couple of requests to build a Black Friday tool for Computers (and judging by my 11 year old Dell XPS, this is probably the nudge I need). I will say, the HP 17.3″ from Wal-Mart normally $1,400 for $300 seems to good to be true, but this data is scraped straight from Black Friday Ads, so it is most likely legit.

screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-9-14-17-amTool 5: Computers – Step-By-Step Guide (Click the Thumbnail to go to the full sized tool)

  1. Search for either an individual brand or stores (that might be near you)
  2. Choose what matters most to you (Price, Savings, etc.)
  3. You can see both the best deals, as well as other (non exact price) deals, like 50% off


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