How Many Kills Does Your Favorite ‘Supernatural’ Character Have?

Supernatural is the longest sci-fi show of all-time. Starting all the way back in 2005, the series follows Sam and Dean Winchester trying to avenge their mother and father’s death…and then stir “shit” up before fixing that “shit”. The initial seasons were fantastic, but the middle seasons (6-9) caused a lot of loyal viewers to stop watching completely. I was one of them, but Season 11 has brought me back in full force, finally revealing the character “God” after teasing him for over 200 episodes. It was full of action, death and resurrections, causing me to wonder just how much killing has happened in Supernatural over the years.

Thanks to the Supernatural Wiki, I was able to get not only the episodes where deaths happened, but who caused them, and how. Through some data cleansing in Alteryx & Excel, I built a visualization that allows me to see just how my favorite characters “progressed” over the course of the series.

To do your own analysis, please click on the image below and interact with this visualization.screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-3-37-02-pm

Tools Used:
– Source of Data: Supernatural Wiki
– Tableau to visualize
– Alteryx to cleanse the data


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