March Madness – Part 1 (Historical Views)

With March Madness fast approaching, I wanted to do an analysis of both the history (Part 1) of the NCAA Tournament as well as predicting the future (Part 2).

For Part 1, I simply looked at the historical tournament performance by seed using a format from Matt Chambers that has become pretty popular in sports visualization. Gold bars show that the National Champion came from that seed. If a bar is red, that means no seed won that year.

Some very cool insights:

  1. Two years in a row?: 12 seeds have never gone two years in a row going winless, which is unfortunate news for my Maryland Terrapins.
  2. Trust the 11 Seed: An 11 seed has won at least one game the last 10 years.
  3. A 13 seed is due: Two years in a row all 4 seeds have won (after a stretch of 6 years where at least one 13 seed has won). Iona and UNC Wilmington are very strong 13 seeds (as we will see in Part 2)

Use the filters to toggle between NCAA Tournament Rounds & Metrics

Please click on the image below to interact with this visualization.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 5.04.03 PM

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